Terms & Conditions- Refund Policy

The system at Rana sir classes (Rana sir classes Pvt. Ltd.) works in a transparent manner. Our refund policy ensures that all the refunds are processed in a fair manner. In case a student expresses his/her intention of not attending the course and withdrawing his/her admission, we would require refund Application (stating the reason for seeking a refund) from Parent / Guardian (along with relationship) to be submitted to branch / centre in person and stating the reason for seeking a refund. The date of submission of written application for refund at the branch / centre will be considered for the purpose of calculation of the refund amount. The Parents can also request for refund via mail to support@ranasirclasses.com or to the Branch eMail ID. For refund application via mail, the date of Email will be taken into consideration for the purpose of calculation of the refund amount. The refund will be processed only in “Savings Account” and not in any other type of account.

Fee paid towards Admission Cum Scholarship Test is NOT refundable under any circumstances.

Short Term Course (Crash Course) Fee / Test Series Fee is NOT refundable under any circumstances.

The Registration (10,000/-), 18% GST, Taxation (if applicable) & Study Materials (if provided) fees is NOT refundable under any circumstances.

  • Before batch commencement (100% Refund).
  • In 1st week (75% Refund).
  • In 2nd week (50% Refund).
  • In 3rd week (25% Refund).
  • In 4th week or Later (No Refund whatever amount you paid).


  • Week-1 will be counted from date of Registration by student or date of start of Batch.
  • Total course duration is calculated from Batch start date / Registration date to Course End date.
  • During refund total paid amount will be calculate excluding Registration fees, 18% GST, Taxation (if applicable), Study Materials (if provided).

What will be considered?

  • Batch Start Date / Registration Date, whichever is later.
  • Date of submission of application for withdrawal and refund.

What will NOT be considered?

  • Date when the student attended the first class.
  • Date of last class attended by student.

ILLUSTRATION For the Purpose of Refund Calculation (Date):

  • Registration Date- 8th July.
  • Date of Batch Commencement- 10th July.
  • The student actually joined- 16th July.
  • Last Class attended by the student- 14th Nov.
  • Submission of application for withdrawal of admission & refund- 13th Dec.
  • Refund shall be calculated from- 10th July – 13th Dec.
  • Refund will NOT be calculated from- 16th July – 13th December OR 16th July- 14th November OR 8th July – 13th November.


All refunds shall be paid through Cheques or Online Transfer ONLY in the name and to the account of the student/parent/guardian within reasonable time from the date of receipt of an application for withdrawal of admission by the appropriate branch/centre.
NOTE: The Institute shall not be held responsible and/or accountable for crediting refund money to wrong account due to incorrect details furnished by the student/parent/ guardian.

Rana sir classes (Rana sir classes Pvt. Ltd.) and its branches, employees, officers, directors and other associated shall not be liable after the time frame.